December 22, 2012

Daenerys Targaryen

I really like her character in the movie, as she is so strong and powerful for a young girl in such a difficult circumstances... There is inner strength in Daenerys, which let her lead people towards uneasy and unclear future. And she is so beautiful, her eyes, her smooth glowing skin.Pure pleasure to draw!


  1. Very real looking and artistic. Great job

  2. This is very beautiful!

    I'm curious about what you say about drawing different styles with different hands. Which is which? THIS is lovely, and I imagine it was done with your "dominant" hand, yes?

    1. Last year a broke my right wrist quite badly and spent a few months in a cast. During that time I taught myself to draw with the left hand. I use it even now, when my right hand is back on track. This picture I draw with my both hands - painting with my right and erasing with my left. Very convenient))