June 09, 2012


Yesterday I met something beautiful on my way back home. I saw a very red-haired guy, carrying a carton box full with fresh carrots. And his also red-haired toddler son was following him, rocking from side to side as a baby penguin. He was holding an orange pacifier in his tiny mouth.
 I felt as if sun sent some additional beam of shine for me!
Sometimes life is so beautiful...))


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I really appreciate it))

  2. What a sweet story about the man and boy and their carrots! I think that would make me smile too. This drawing is so cute! Lovely color and textures. I'm glad the dragon likes carrots and not small people!

  3. So much fun in this story and these three characters. Love all the carrots and the carroty hair.

  4. Wonderful, great story and great illo!

  5. Ha ha! What fun characters! Love how you've translated what you saw.